As we recently shared, Hudson’s Agency is on a journey to creating a greener and fairer world. We are aiming to achieve this by supporting ecommerce brands that want to unite profit and ethics. Helping to ensure they can drive environmental, economic, and societal progress today and in the future.

Whilst we believe our expertise can help purpose-driven brands transform their sectors, we wanted to ensure that we were setting a good example within our own industry. Therefore, we have spent several months speaking with impassioned experts to explore how our agency can become greener and friendlier ourselves.

Change Starts at Home

To begin, Hudson’s Agency will become a climate positive business from January 2021. This means that we will remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we produce. We will achieve this through a handful of carefully selected projects, ranging from forest plantations to technology investments.

We have partnered with Ecologi to kickstart this journey. For those who are unfamiliar with their work, Ecologi allows individuals and businesses to make a single or ongoing contribution to the fight against climate change. With that contribution, they fund climate projects that have received Gold Standard certification.

Ecologi recently shared their 2020 Impact Report, which showed that they were set to plant their 6 millionth tree and had reduced emissions by 250,000 tonnes through their carbon offset projects. Demonstrating the progress they can make tackling the climate crisis with a little support from a lot of people.

Looking Beyond Ourselves

Offsetting the carbon footprint of our own business and team was made easy due to our size and the way in which we operate. After all, we’ve eliminated the emissions associated with running an office and commuting staff. Because of this, our contribution offsets the emissions produced in our team’s personal lives more so than it does their work life.

But we wanted to go further and help our broader network have a positive impact too. This included our partners, such as agencies who work in tandem with us, and our clients, who rely on us to realise their ambitions. Whilst we couldn’t offset their entire carbon footprints, we could give them a nudge in the right direction.

Therefore, we will contribute towards climate projects on behalf of each partner and client from January 2021. As part of this, we’ll invite them to help choose the projects we support and will share the impact of those projects throughout the year. Providing them with a glimpse at the impact of a small contribution, which we hope they will add too.

The Start of a Journey

Our commitment to being climate positive and partnership with Ecologi is just the start of our journey to creating a greener and fairer world. In the months and years ahead, we intend to broaden the type of projects we support and increase our financial contribution to the fight against climate change.

In an effort to inspire other businesses, we will share our progress and impact regularly on LinkedIn and Facebook. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who inspired us to get involved. These include fellow agencies such as Propellernet and forward-thinking brands like Brewdog to name but a few.