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Fusing business, creative, and technical mastery

At the heart of Hudson’s Agency are skilled strategists, creatives and experts in search engine marketing. They offer the ideal combination of business know-how, creative capabilities, and technical knowledge to support you in achieving your most ambitious goals. These could include hitting a lofty revenue target through PPC, significantly reducing your cost per acquisition with SEO, or just about anything else.

From the moment you begin working with our team, we work closely with you to become an extension of your organisation. This ensures that we understand your evolving goals, challenges, products and tone whilst we work together. You can, therefore, relax in the knowledge that you are working with an experienced search marketing agency that offers a personal touch to each of the organisation’s we work with.

Bespoke strategies guided by data and enabled by technology

Before we begin performing SEO on your website or managing your PPC campaigns, our strategists will build a bespoke strategy that is centred around your key goals. This requires us to audit existing activity, analyse competitor websites, perform keyword research and more. We will then share the methodology behind our work as well as the metrics we will monitor to determine what progress is being made.

Actionable data plays a key role at Hudson’s Agency. It lets us identify opportunities and pinpoint weaknesses that may have otherwise been missed. When coupled with industry-leading technology, this allows us to spend less time looking for opportunities and more time capitalising on them. As a result, we can achieve results for your organisation quicker than a typical search marketing agency would.

Taking a refreshing approach to bringing great expertise together

To ensure you have the most skilled team working on your SEO and PPC, we have taken a refreshing approach to building our search marketing agency. Whilst we have a core team like any other agency, we also call on outside specialists when necessary. These specialists may offer unique experience in your sector or have overcome a similar challenge, therefore allowing us to achieve exceptional results for your organisation.

Both our internal team and outside specialists are held to the highest standard with regular training and assessments to ensure they are utilising the most effective tactics on behalf of our clients. Hudson’s Agency also fosters a culture of curiosity and learning to ensure we are evolving with the marketing landscape and keeping ahead of competition.

Doing good through passion and transparency

We are committed to building a search marketing agency that is passionate about our trade, good for our industry, and a joy to work with. This demands that we focus on our area of expertise, are transparent in our way of working, and value the relationships we have with each of our clients and partners. More importantly, we must ensure that our work allows each client to achieve their most ambitious goals.

When working with Hudson’s Agency, you will receive comprehensive yet digestible reports regularly. We are also one of the few agencies to provide training to every client who would like to understand the fundamentals of what we do. All of this is provided by a knowledgeable and dedicated strategist who will work with your organisation from the beginning. Besides being your adviser, they will be at the helm of your PPC and SEO throughout.

A word from our Founder

“With almost a decade’s experience as both a brand and agency marketer, I have witnessed the growth that can be unlocked when ambitious brands and skilled agencies come together. That said, I have also experienced the constraint that can be placed on brands when their agency partner becomes bloated as a consequence of growth.

With Hudson’s Agency we aim to rethink and redesign the approach taken to growing an agency. In doing so, we hope to become a partner that offers a rare combination of efficiency, openness, and adaptability to the brands that entrust us with their search marketing. Therefore, allowing them to realise their lofty goals and ensure a long-term partnership.”

Ashton Lee HudsonFounder of Hudson's Agency

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What is Search Marketing?

Search Marketing (also referred to as Search Engine Marketing) is any marketing activity that makes use of a search engine such as Google or Bing. The most common types include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), both of which aim to increase the visibility of a brand in the results served by search engines.

Whilst SEO and PPC share similarities, they achieve results at different speeds and require varying levels of investment. Therefore, you must carefully consider the opportunity posed by each and ensure they align with your brand’s overriding goals. These goals will vary for each brand and may include increased revenue, profitability, market share and more.

Whichever type of Search Marketing is most suited for your brand, both are amongst the most targeted, measurable, and effective types of digital marketing. This is as you’re meeting prospective customers at the exact moment they seek your products or services. But for them to enabled growth, you must have a succinct strategy that is driven by your goals and implemented by specialists.

How Much Does Search Marketing Cost?

The necessary investment for Search Marketing can depend upon the scale of your campaign and competitiveness of your sector. That said, you can expect to invest between £1,000 and £3,000 per month for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and £500 – £1,500 per month for Pay Per Click (PPC). But remember that PPC also requires an additional advertising budget.

Search Engine Optimisation

When partnering with an agency, you can expect to invest between £1,000 and £3,000 per month in most cases. This management fee is invested into technical optimisation, content creation, and link acquisition. However, this can be largely dependent upon the scale of your site and competitiveness of your market.

Pay Per Click

When working with an agency, you can expect to invest between £500 – £1,500 per month in most scenarios. This management fee is invested into the creation and ongoing optimisation of your campaigns. You will also require an advertising budget, which is paid to platforms such as Google Ads for the distribution of your ads.

What Type of Brands Do We Partner With?

Hudson’s Agency works with brands of varying sizes and in numerous sectors. These include online fashion retailers, national car hire providers, and local accounting firms to name but a few. The only similarity between our clients is their unparalleled and unwavering ambition for growth!

Despite being based in the heart of Oxfordshire, we regularly partner with brand’s located across the UK. From the seaside town of Hove to the historic city of Edinburgh, we can support those looking to achieve results on a local, national and international scale.

It is only by combining business savviness, creative flare, and technical mastery that we are able to work with such a diverse range of UK brands. More importantly, we create bespoke strategies that are guided by data and enabled by technology for each.

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