Search Engine Optimisation

A glimpse at our approach to SEO

Opportunity Analysis

Before we begin optimising your website, we must firstly gauge the opportunity Search Engine Optimisation poses and align our approach with your overriding goals. Our SEO Specialists will perform keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. They’ll then work with our Digital Strategists to create a bespoke plan for your brand and forecast future growth.

Technical Optimisation

Before we start creating content, we’ll ensure your website has the foundations in place to perform Search Engine Optimisation. Our team will undertake a thorough audit of your website to ensure it loads quickly for users, can be easily crawled by search engines, has been well structured, and more. They’ll then implement fixes where possible or will work with your own developers.

Content Creation

With the foundations in place, we can begin creating high quality and fully optimised content for your brand. Our SEO Specialists will carry out consumer and competitor research as well as ensure they understand every aspect of your brand. They’ll then work with our Copywriters to produce engaging and rich content that coincides with your tone of voice.

Link Acquisition

Whilst we’re creating content, we’ll also be obtaining links to your website from authoritative and relevant spots on the web. Our team will utilise simple techniques such as link reclamation as well as more involved approaches such as digital PR. They’ll react to news stories that are relevant to your brand whilst also building captivating campaigns the media will love.

Why work with our SEO agency

Optimising for people over algorithms

At the heart of Google is a complex and fluid algorithm. This is continuously analysing your website to determine its relevance to searches, the value it offers to people, and its overall authority. Whilst any other SEO agency may spend their time exploiting the quirks of this algorithm, we prefer to spend our time understanding the behaviour of those behind every search.

By combining data and expertise, our team use this understanding to shape the content we create, links we acquire, and technical optimisation we perform. This is as Google and other search engines have always rewarded websites that offer a great user experience. Meaning that focusing on the needs and wants of people rather than algorithms is an unerring approach at the heart of our SEO services.

Bespoke strategies driven by data and technology

No two brands are the same and neither are the strategies at the centre of our SEO services. So, before we begin optimising your website our strategists will build a unique plan that considers your current position, future challenges, and key goals. In addition to outlining your existing weaknesses, this strategy will reveal exactly how we aim to overcome them.

Data plays a vital role when building your strategy. It allows us to identify opportunities and weaknesses that could have been overlooked. When combined with industry-leading tech, this ensures that we spend more time capitalising on opportunities and less time looking for them. It is because of this that we can achieve results for your brand faster than a typical SEO agency.

Fanatical about commercial performance

Whilst monitoring your rankings and backlinks is important, these are not enough to measure the impact of our SEO services on your brand. We therefore measure the growth in users, acquisitions, revenue, and return on investment for all clients.  That’s in addition to any other metrics related to your brand’s goals and the needs of stakeholders at all levels.

Despite what any other SEO agency may suggest, commercial performance must be at the heart of everything we do.  That is why our team will create custom reports that include all the vital metrics. This allows you to keep us accountable, forecast growth, and make investment decisions in the future.

Bringing business, creative and technical expertise together

Technical optimisation, creative writing, and digital PR all play a role in our SEO services. So, we are only as good as the talent who choose to join our team. To ensure you have the most knowledgeable people working for your brand, we combine the abilities of our internal team and outside specialists to deliver results.

To make sure we are utilising the most effective tactics, we undertake regular training and assessments. More importantly, we maintain a culture of curiosity and learning throughout our SEO agency. This ensures that we are always at the forefront of our space and having the greatest impact for those who partner with us.

Insights from our SEO specialists

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Have questions about our SEO services?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process undertaken to increase the visibility of a website in Google, Bing and other search engines. In most circumstances, this is with the aim of appearing first in the results shown for search terms relevant to a product or service offered by a brand.

Google considers over two hundred factors when determining the visibility of a website in their search results. Whilst it is impossible to know all of these factors, they typically fall within three categories – content, backlinks and user experience. These are, therefore, the key areas of focus for any SEO agency.

It is important to remember that SEO is an ongoing effort. This is as competing websites will also be performing SEO and search engines regularly alter the factors they take into account. It is, therefore, important to be regularly optimising your website in line with their guidelines.

How Much Does It Cost?

When working with an SEO agency, you can expect to invest between £1,000 – £3,000 per month in most circumstances. But remember that this is dependent upon the scale of your website and the competitiveness of your sector.

You could argue that this cost is the equivalent to hiring an individual internally. However, when working with an agency you’ll usually gain access to a team of individuals who specialise in strategy development, technical optimisation, content creation and link acquisition.

Whichever approach you take, you should start by performing an opportunity analysis to determine the necessary investment and potential return that could be gained through SEO.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

You can consider backlinks to be a ‘kudos’ in the eyes of Google, Bing and other search engines. This is as a website should only link to another website if it offers additional value to its visitors. Search engines therefore consider backlinks when determining the authoritativeness of any website and its visibility in search results.

But it is important to remember that not all backlinks are treated equally. In fact, bad backlinks could negatively impact your visibility in search results and potentially result in your website disappearing altogether if it receives a penalty from Google or another search engine.

The most effective way to build good backlinks is through digital PR. This involves creating original, sought-after, timely, consumable and trustworthy content that publications would want to reshare with their readers. This content may include industry insights, research and more.

There are several less involved methods of obtaining good backlinks. These include press releases, guest posting and link reclamation to mention name but a few. Whatever techniques you use, it is essential that the backlinks are from other authoritative, trustworthy, and relevant websites.

Why is Content Important?

Google, Bing and other search engines use the content on your website to understand its topic, context, and value. If there is a lack of quality content to be found, they will typically consider a website to offer little value for their users and reduce its visibility in search results.

Users will also leave websites with little content or poor quality content. This in turn reduces the likelihood of the user making a purchase or enquiry. You therefore increase the chances of them heading to a competitor in the hope of finding the answers to their questions.

Therefore, a lack of quality content does not only significantly reduce your visibility in search engines but also decreases the conversion rate on your website. It will therefore negatively impact any SEO effort whilst also decreasing the affect of all other marketing activities.

What's the Difference Between SEO and PPC?

Despite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) both being forms of Search Marketing, there are a handful of differences between the two. It is important to consider these if you are to determine whether SEO or PPC is right for your brand, or perhaps if a mixture of the two is best.

SEO is a largely free type of search marketing. That said, you will need to invest time performing optimisation yourself or perhaps work with an agency. It can also take several months to reap the rewards of SEO as it takes time to refine your technical optimisation, create engaging content, and build quality backlinks. SEO is, therefore, often seen as a more cost-effective channel, but it can take a while before you gain traffic.

PPC, on the other hand, requires an additional advertising budget. This is as you’re charged for each click, the cost of which is determined by the performance of your ad, quality of your landing page, and the competition in your market. Because of this, PPC is often consider to be a less cost-effective route, but you’re able to gain traffic within hours.

In many cases, a combination of SEO and PPC is best. But if you are to determine which type of search marketing is best suited, you’ll need to consider the primary goals of your brand in addition to the speed at which you want to see results.

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