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Opportunity Analysis

Ahead of launching your advertising campaigns, we must firstly gauge the role both Google Ads, Bing Ads etc could play in achieving your overriding goals. Our PPC Specialists will undertake keyword research, feasibility analysis, and more. They’ll then work with our Digital Strategists to build a tailored plan for your brand and forecast future growth.

Audience Profiling

Having established the opportunity presented by Pay Per Click Advertising, we will begin building up a detailed understanding of your audience. Our team will work with your team to identify the aspirations, motivations and worries of prospective customers. Throughout they’ll also gain a clear understanding of your brand.

Campaign Creation

Once we’ve got a clear profile of your audience, we’ll begin creating your Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns. Our PPC Specialists will create truly engaging ads, build highly converting landing pages, implement strategic bidding, and more. During this stage they will ensure every aspect of your campaigns reflect the audience profiles and align with your brand’s tone.

Ongoing Optimisation

Following the launch of your advertising campaigns, we’ll mitigate waste and maximise performance through ongoing optimisation. Our team will eliminate any low-quality clicks, identify holes in the user journey, tweak bidding for maximum efficiency, and more. When carrying out this optimisation, they will utilise years of experience as well as advance machine learning.

Why work with our PPC agency

Blending modern advancements with traditional principles

There are several types of advertising our PPC agency may use to achieve results for your brand. These include Search, Shopping, Display and Video campaigns to mention but a few. Whilst they both make use of either Google Ads and Bing Ads, they target prospective customers at varying stages of the buying cycle and at different touchpoints.

Whatever type of advertising proves best for your brand, we believe in combining modern advancements in targeting with traditional principles in creative within our PPC services. This may include the use of machine learning to adjust bids in real time whilst using audience profiling to craft the ads. All of which allows us to create more impactful campaigns for your brand.

Tailored strategies steered by data and technology

No two brands are the same and neither are the strategies at the heart of our PPC services. That is why we build a bespoke plan that accounts for your current position, possible challenges, and key goals. As well as setting out any existing weaknesses we aim to overcome, this strategy will reveal the strengths we intend to capitalise on.

Data plays an important role when building your plan. It allows us to pinpoint opportunities and weaknesses that may have been overlooked. When merged with industry-leading tech, this allows us to spend more time capitalising on opportunities and less time searching for them. That is why we’re able to achieve results for your brand quicker than a typical ecommerce PPC agency.

Uncompromising on commercial performance

Whilst maximising your click-through rate and cutting your cost per click is important, these are not enough to measure the impact of our PPC services on your brand. That is why we measure the cost per acquisition, return on ad spend and return on investment for all clients. That’s as well as any other metrics that relate to your brand’s goals and the needs of stakeholders at all levels.

In spite of what any other PPC agency may suggest, we believe that commercial performance must be at the centre of everything we do. That is why our team will create bespoke reports that include all vital metrics. Allowing you to keep us accountable, forecast growth, and make investment decisions in the future.

Merging business, creative, and technical expertise

The results we achieve are shaped by the knowledge and passion of our team. To ensure you have the most capable people delivering results for your brand, we merge the expertise of our internal team and outside specialists when delivering our PPC services. This provides an invaluable combination of business acumen, creative capabilities, and technical knowledge.

To make certain that we are employing the most effective tactics, we undertake regular training and assessments. More crucially, we maintain a culture of curiosity and learning within our PPC agency. This makes sure that we are always at the forefront of our industry and are having the maximum impact for our clients.

Insights from our PPC Specialists

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What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of advertising in which brands pay for each click on their ads rather than pay a set amount for distribution of their ads. Meaning rather than paying when an individual simply views your ad, you pay instead when an individual interacts with your ad.

This type of advertising exists on a vast number of platforms with the most popular being Google and Bing. Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms offer a similar type of advertising, although brands are typically charged for a mixture of impressions and clicks.

When running PPC campaigns you bid against other brands. Whilst the amount you bid influences how frequently your ad is shown, factors such as ad quality and landing page experience also have an impact. These and more are all part of the ongoing optimisation that PPC campaigns require.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

Whether you’re managing your own Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or are working with a PPC agency, you’ll pay advertising spend to the platform distributing your ads. This will typically include search engines, with Google Ads and Bing Ads being popular platforms.

The level of advertising spend is dependent upon the competitiveness of your sector and ambitions for your campaigns. It can start at under £50 per day but some advertisers will invest more if the Cost Per Click (CPC) is high or they are aiming to reach a lot of prospective customers.

An agency will also charge a management fee, which covers the time to create and optimise your PPC campaigns. The management time required is dependent upon the complexity of your campaigns as well as your advertising spend. That said, you can typically expect to invest between £500 – £1,500 per month in most cases.

What is the Difference Between PPC and SEO?

Whilst Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are both types of Search Marketing, there are several differences between the two to consider. These differences will help you determine whether PPC or SEO is best suited for your brand, or perhaps whether you should be using a mixture of the two.

As the name suggests, you pay for each click you gain through PPC. The amount you pay is determined by the performance of your ads, quality of your landing pages, and the competitiveness of your market. Many therefore consider PPC to be a less cost-effective, but remember that you’re able to gain traffic within hours.

SEO, on the other hand, is free. Although, you will need to spend time performing optimisation yourself or perhaps utilise the experience of an agency. Unlike the instantaneous nature of PPC, it can take months to reap the benefits of SEO. Many therefore regards SEO as more cost-effective, but remember that it can take a while to gain traffic.

In most circumstances, a mixture of PPC and SEO is advised. But to determine which type of search marketing is best suited, you should consider the overriding goals of your brand as well as the speed at which you need to achieve results.

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