Digital Strategy

A glimpse at our process

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Agree on the specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound goals that you want to achieve.


Obtain a succinct understanding of the competition you face as well as the consumers you aim to convert.


Identify the digital channels where you are able to reach, engage and convert consumers.


Pinpoint the individual tactics used to reach, engage, and support consumers to converting.


Forecast the time, people, partners and cash needed to carry through each aspect of your strategy.


Assess if you can practically and sustainably implement your strategy.

Why work with us

to create your digital strategy

Unifying strategic planning and tactical implementation

Most digital marketing strategies are overly theoretical, meaning they fail to consider how they’ll be implemented in the real world. This results in the costly process of researching, conceiving, and refining a strategy often having little impact on achieving the goals of a brand.

Through our thorough and proven process, we place as much importance on tactical implementation as we do strategic planning. This ensures that you’re provided with the theoretical foundations of your strategy as well as the tactical tools required to deliver it.

Guided by data and enabled by technology

Understanding your market, identifying channels, and forecasting resources are challenging parts of building a digital marketing strategy. Thankfully, each of these stages can be made easier through the use of actionable data and innovative technology.

We utilise both data and technology to reduce the number of assumptions we make, such as where your consumers are most active or fluctuations in media costs throughout the year. This reduces any risks and increases the accuracy of your strategy.

Fusing expertise in search, content, social, and more

For you to choose a marketing channel and know the resources it demands, it helps to have had experience utilising it within a broader digital marketing strategy. Otherwise, you may poorly invest and squander your marketing budget.

With a team of experts in each area of marketing, we provide that hands-on experience and the knowledge that comes with it. These include people knowledgeable in organic search, paid media, community building and much more.

What others have to say

about working with us

“Hudson's has quickly become a trusted partner that we know we can rely on to be proactive, responsive and thorough. The results they get are outstanding and we trust them implicitly.”

KatherineBrand Director

“Hudson's ability to sift through data, find untapped opportunities and capitalise on them is remarkable. They repeatedly leave us amazed by their findings and motivated by their suggestions.”

JanetMarketing Manager

“Hudson's is a never-ending treasure trove of knowledge and one of the most conscientious, responsive and efficient agencies I've come across and it's a pleasure working with them.”

LianeSEO Manager

A few common questions

about digital strategies

What is a Digital Strategy?

A digital strategy is your brand’s theoretical and tactical plan for achieving growth through channels such as search and social. Without a thorough and concise strategy, your brand will be walking aimlessly through the digital landscape.

Before you can begin to develop your brand’s digital strategy, you must first have clear goals you want to achieve. Each of these objectives should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.

Once you’ve agreed upon your goals, you must strengthen your understanding of the competitors and consumers. This will be key to identifying the appropriate digital channels, pinpointing the most effective tactics, and forecasting the resources required.

Once complete, your digital strategy should go through a feasibility test. This assesses whether the strategy can be practically and sustainably implemented, whether that be in the short or long-term.

Why Outsource Your Digital Strategy?

When partnering with us to develop your digital strategy, it’s important that you don’t consider it to be ‘outsourcing’. After all, you’ll be heavily involved and will be working alongside our specialists throughout the process.

A key benefit of using an agency to develop your digital strategy is the expertise you gain access too. With specialists in search, social and more, we’ve got a team who have hands-on experience implementing strategies for hundreds of brands.

Many brands also benefit from a new and unique perspective. As well as providing a refreshing view on challenges and opportunities, this helps to challenge the status quo that exists in many brands.

When combined, this usually results in us developing a strategy that is less vulnerable to outside risks or internal shortcomings. You will, therefore, have greater confidence in how and where you’re investing your budget.

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